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Sorry For Partying [a serialized novella]. Medium, 2014. Runner up for the 2014 Paris Literary Prize.

 “In Reference to Your Recent Communications.” Harper’s Magazine, 2005.

Essays and Reviews

“Disasters at the Origin of a Sense of Disaster: Ferrante on Fascism [on the Neapolitan Novels].” Los Angeles Review of Books, 2018.

“Where We Are: Literacy Narrative: Ways to Write #MeToo.” Composition Studies, 2018.

 “How the TV Adaptation of I Love Dick Recenters the Female Gaze.” Hyperallergic, 2017.

“Session Review: A.31 ‘Teaching Writing to Support #BLM at Predominantly White Institutions.’’Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 2016.

“This Post Burns Coal,” Medium, 2016.

 “What Will Happen to Kim Kardashian in the Revolution?” The American Reader, 2014.

“Gaza, Ferguson, and the Perils of White Guilt.” The American Reader, 2014.

“Dead or In Jail: Ferguson and the Bounty on Black Life.” The American Reader, 2014.

“Yeezy Rising.” The American Reader, 2014.

 “High on Life [on Laurie Colwin].” New Haven Review, 2009.

“A Little Too Intimate.” The Forward, 2006.

“Playing Fill-In-The-Blanks with a Father’s Life.” The Forward, 2005.

Blog Posts

I occasionally blog at The Word: The Stanford Journal of Student Hiphop Research, though it’s predominantly a space for students. Before students and I founded that, I wrote a solo blog, Hiphopocracy, from 2011-2017. Some favorites include:

For The Word:

Letting the People Rap: A Research Reflection, 2020

Teaching Sampling, Sampling Hiphop Feminism, 2020

For Hiphopocracy:

Beyonce has pushed Rihanna to be the best Rihanna she can be, 2016

Auf Wiedersehen: Clash of Global Englishes on Project Runway Season 14, 2015

Alicia Florrick Tho, 2014

Paean to the South Bay, 2014

Dontgetit, 2014

Nothing Was the Same – part I, 2014

Homely Genres and the Michael Brown Autopsy Report, 2014

Oh, Kanye, You Always Know Just What to Say, 2013

Which Sketchy Songwriter Stuffed Miguel + Kendrick’s New Track Full of Rape Logic?, 2013

“We are pleased because we are pleasing”: Black Panties and The Body’s Grace, 2013

#WeCantStop Appropriating Blackness: A Bibliography, 2013

Our S&M Relationship With Rihanna, 2013

Loving Kimye: An Exploration (part I), 2013

Some Thoughts on the Sin of Sensuality, 2012

9th Wonder Knows How to Talk to College Kids, 2012

#Occupy Invisible Man…and Then Return it to the Library: Notes on an Overdue Book, 2012

Must Read: The Warmth of Other Suns, 2012

Watch the Throne, Givenchy, and the Ethics of Luxury Sampling, 2012

If I’m Not a Hustler, What You Call That?, 2012

“One Deft Discursive Act”: Signifyin(g) on Police Brutality in Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer”, 2012

And Now, Back to Navel-Gazing, 2012

Beyond the “Ghetto University”: Visions of an Organic Black Pedagogy in Kanye West’s “The College Dropout”, 2012

When It All Falls Down: Hmong Remix, 2012

Groupthink Groupies, Behold the Cipher, 2012

LOOK AROUND YOU: Toward a New (Exegetic) Hiphop Pedagogy, 2012

When It All Falls Down: Hiphop’s Postcolonial Echo, 2011